Laundry Legal Notes

Object of the contract:

  1. The present contract general conditions rule the performance procedures of the services provided by Monte Clean to its customers for clothing, wall tapestries, furnishings and similar: such procedures are laundry cleaning, dry-cleaning, stain removal, storage and ironing.
  2. The treatments, either wet or dry, are environmentally friendly and are chosen by our qualified staff according to each single article requirements.
  3. The customer is bound to report the presence of permanent stains or defects already existing on the item to the person in charge at the Laundry.
  4. The transport service is organized to ensure collections and deliveries on time. The service is available Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 19.00 and on Saturday from 10.00 to 13.00. All "collections and deliveries" abide by the address and time indicated on the costumer’s order.
  5. In no case shall Monte Clean be responsible for any delay or non-delivery due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond its control; in such case, Monte Clean will have the right to defer or suspend the fulfilment of the orders.
  6. The deliveries is made to the place specified by the customer at the time of the order.
  7. With regards to the washing, Monte Clean adheres the label and the instructions for use of the article itself. Articles without label are not accepted - the label is compulsory for producers according to Law No. 126/91 - unless the client expressly and preventively waives any compensation action for damage caused to the article, relieving Monte Clean from any kind of liability.
  8. The articles that cannot be returned due to customer’s inability will be kept up to 30 days at our store. After this deadline an e-mail reminder will be sent to the customer, then, after 15 days Monte Clean is released from any liability.
  9. If an article gets lost or damaged during the treatment, the client will get an assessed compensation considering the conditions of the articles and its actual residual usability after the treatment. The customer, in any case, by means of appropriate documentation, must prove the original value of the object at the time of purchase.
  10. Monte Clean can refuse to fulfil the order, if it considers that it is impossible to accurately carry it out.
  11. In the event that a list of items delivered by the customer is not provided, the quantity checked by the Laundry will attest.
  12. The Laundry is not responsible for the articles possible change in dimension or discolouration.
  13. The customer is aware that the articles delivered to the Laundry can be treated with water or dry, according to their characteristics.
  14. Any damage or loss must be reported within 48 hours to the Laundry.
  15. The prices are not including V.A.T..
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