• Art.1-At the time of the pickup for the cleaning service, the Laundry is bound to give clients the dated receipt with a brief description of the articles and indications regarding the delivery time.
  • Art.2-The normal processing price is the one indicated on the price list displayed to the public in the shop. Special processes price will be determined from time to time.
  • Art.3-The Laundry is required to follow the label guidelines, if any. If such guidelines on the label are in contrast with the cleaner's experience and technical regulations, this has to be pointed out to the client who is then supposed to accept. The Laundry is not liable for any damages caused by defective packaging, or the deterioration of the trimming, of the padding, of the interior clothes, of the buttonholes, of the buttons and buckles, or of the rubber for the rubber articles and similar items.
  • Art.4-The Laundry, at the time of the articles deposit or, otherwise, at any time before the starting of the processing, can refuse to fulfil the order, if it considers that it is impossible to accurately carry it out.
  • Art.5-The Laundry bears all the blame in case the article is delivered to a persons who do not hold the receipt (pursuant to Article 1).
  • Art.6-The Laundry is required to observe the delivery due date with a 10 days margin for normal clothes and 30 days for home furnishings, leather items and ceremonial dresses. Over this period, the customer is entitled to a 5% price reduction.
  • Art.7-Clients must collect their articles within a maximum period of two months after the scheduled date for the return.
  • Art.8-The Laundry has the right to apply an increase of 5% on the agreed price for the articles keeping per month or per month fraction after the deadline (pursuant to Article. 6).
  • Art.9-The Laundry is in charge of the articles consigned and not collected for a period of three months after the appointed delivery date; custody cases are excluded but they must be specified in the receipt (pursuant to Art. 1).
  • Art.10-Any complaints about the services provided by the Laundry must be lodged when collecting the concerned articles and no later than the workshop closing time in the next business day.
  • Art.11-If the article is not available on return it is not to be considered lost before the 90th day after the scheduled delivery date.
  • Art.12-The Laundry is bound to pay compensation for the damage caused to the whole or part of the article, only once it has been established that the Laundry is responsible for the damages, or loss of the articles. In this regard, the total compensation may not be less than the market value of the article at the time of the delivery, depending on the date of purchase, the wear and tear and the possibility of reuse of the article despite the damage.

The value of the compensation will be calculated as follows:

original value 1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year 5 year
100% 60% 40% 20% 5% 0%


Art.13 In case of dispute between the Customer and the Laundry, if the parties do not reach an amicable agreement with the possible assistance of the associations of consumers and entrepreneurs, they engage to contact the expressly established Extra-judicial Conciliation Body.

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